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Hours of operation: Mon-Fri 9:00am – 5:00pm (all states and territorial times)

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Phone: 0400 983 360


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The National Safer in the Home Program (SITH) is funded by the Commonwealth Government and is administrated by The Salvation Army, Australia Territory.

The National Safer in the Home program is available to women in Australia – with or without children – who are assessed as being “at risk” or “elevated risk” (Victorian MARAM Risk Assessment Framework) from family violence and are seeking to safely remain in the home of their choice after family violence. 

Call 0400 983 360 (Tas, SA, NT and WA)

The National ‘Safer in the Home’ program offers a range of strengths-based interventions to support women who have experienced family or domestic violence to remain safely in their homes and connected to their communities.

Safer in the Home will undertake comprehensive family violence risk assessment and safety planning with women affected at intake point (where a specialist family violence service is not engaged).     

In partnership with Protective Group, the National Safer in the Home program provides victim-survivors with a comprehensive personal and property safety assessment. This will involve a Protective Group representative attending the property to undertake the assessment or doing a “remote assessment” video call.

Protective Group will prepare a report and make recommendations to the National Safer in the Home program about the security upgrades required at the property. These may include:

  • Installation or replacement of locks to entry doors and windows
  • Installation of security guards to security screen door handles
  • Installation of security screen doors where required 
  • Installation of external sensor lights 
  • Improving property visibility by undertaking minor trimming of trees and bushes
  • Improving the visibility of house number for emergency services
  • Reprogramming of remote controls to garage doors or shared parking arrangements
  • Providing security locks to essential gas, electricity and water supplies to prevent tampering 

The National Safer in the Home program also provides a response to reports of technology abuse. When requested, a “remote tech assessment” for any “surveillance” technologies being used by the perpetrator can be undertaken. Technology abuse responses may include:

  • Scanning for spyware on mobiles, iPads, computers and social media
  • Detection of tracking devices on vehicles
  • Detection of monitoring devices within the home such as cameras and/or recording devices

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All Salvation Army employees and corps officers can refer clients. Women are welcomed and encouraged to refer themselves. You can self-refer by calling Safer in the Home on the number listed for your state or territory, or by completing the online self-referral form linked at the top of this page. All community-based professionals including family violence workers, generalist case managers, counsellors, police, court advocates, child protection workers, legal representatives, community advocates, etc. It is best if women referred to the national Safer in the Home program are receiving case management through a specialist family violence or generalist support service. This ensures that their immediate and ongoing safety needs – and those of their children – are assessed and addressed. In cases where a woman is not engaged with a support service, Safer in the Home specialist workers will undertake a family violence risk assessment and safety planning. They will also provide case management coordination while the woman is engaged in the program.

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