Women's community

in Western Australia

Western Australia has 12 women’s community health services, including 7 metropolitan and 5 regional services. These centres are key stakeholders in collaborative, integrated community responses to public health issues such as sexual and reproductive health, physical and mental health, and domestic, family and sexual violence.

Women’s community health services are a safe space to access support for a wide range of holistic health issues including alcohol and other drug issues, family and domestic violence, sexual assault, support for children and young people and provide holistic groups and activities. Services engage in programs and approaches to prevent violence against women, and to intervene early to help interrupt violence and abuse against women and children in our community. 

Women’s community health services are designed for all women, from diverse backgrounds and individual experiences, and focus on delivering specialist services to women who experience significant disadvantage in accessing appropriate health services. 

Our role

The Centre for Women’s Safety and Wellbeing is the peak body for women’s community-based health services across Western Australia.

Our key work is to develop a coordinated planning, policy, research and practice environment that has collective impact on women’s health and wellbeing. We provide a forum for others to work together to achieve appropriate, equitable and accessible health prevention and care for women and girls. Our work is informed by a feminist approach to health promotion and the social determinants of health.

The Centre for Women’s Safety and Wellbeing does not deliver direct services. 

We work to advance women’s health and wellbeing to help improve the health of all women and girls in Western Australia. We do this by engaging a health equity approach and work to promote better physical, mental, sexual and reproductive health outcomes for women and girls, especially for those who experience the most significant disadvantage.

We work alongside women to co-create strategies that will improve practice, policy, planning and system design.  Our goal is to be a voice for women on issues that impact upon women’s health.  And, we work to ensure we have the capacity to respond to the ever-changing health needs of women and girls. 

Our core functions are:

Other specific information and resources on women’s health can be found in the Knowledge Centre.

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