Autumn Edition of ‘Insights’ from the Centre for Women’s Safety and Wellbeing

The Centre for Women’s Safety and Wellbeing (CWSW) is committed to our work being informed by women with lived experience. CWSW prioritises engagement with women with lived experience to contribute to the prevention and responses to family, domestic and sexual violence. We recognise that victim-survivors hold valuable knowledge and expertise about domestic, family, and sexual violence.

The month of May marked Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month, an annual initiative to raise community awareness of domestic and family violence. An important way to raise awareness is to listen to victim survivors’ own voice, lived experiences, knowledge, and expertise. Thus, we begin this edition with the voices of women with lived experience of domestic and family violence.

Other articles in this edition include:

  • Who perpetrates domestic, family, and sexual violence, and why – Professor Michael Flood
  • Being safe at home is a right not just something to dream about – Alison Evans
  • Women who are homeless and pregnant – Professor Lisa Wood
  • Stories from the field – Tanya Elson

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