Online portal is now open to provide submissions for sexual offence legislative review

The Law Reform Commission of Western Australia (LRCWA) is currently reviewing issues related to sexual offences within the Criminal Code Compilation Act 1913. The LRCWA recently released Volume 1 of their Discussion Paper, which addresses issues relating to objectives and guiding principles within the Code, the definition of consent, the defence of mistaken belief in consent, the directions given to juries in sexual offence trials, special verdicts, and the implementation and monitoring of reforms.  

The Discussion Paper has been released alongside a Background Paper, which examines the harmfulness of sexual violence, misconceptions about sexual violence, and complainants’ experiences of the criminal justice system.  

The second volume of the Discussion Paper will be released in February 2023, and will focus on sexual offences that should be included in the Code and their penalties. 

The LRCWA has invited the public to provide their submissions on the questions outlined within Volume 1 of the Discussion Paper by Friday 17th March 2023. Today, they have opened a user-friendly online portal which guides users through the questions. Alternatively, submissions may be provided through email or mail. From February 2023, the LRCWA will hold consultations with individuals, organisations, and reference groups.  

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