Supporting mothers and children after domestic and family violence

This is a short webinar providing evidence-based knowledge and interventions that focus on repairing the parent-child relationship for practitioners providing frontline services to victim-survivors in the domestic, family and sexual violence sector.


About the workshop

Becoming a parent is a stressful developmental phase and can be made significantly harder in the context of domestic and family violence trauma. Women’s agency and confidence as a mother may be directly undermined by her partner through tactics of coercive control, impacting her experience of motherhood and the quality of mother–child relationships.

Children’s mental health, wellbeing and the relationships that they depend upon for their development are all impacted by domestic and family violence.

Family separations after domestic and family violence are also particularly fraught for women and children and often complicated by ongoing patterns of coercive control and physical dangers, including fatality risks to women and children. Therefore, even when protective steps are taken by mothers, ongoing psychosocial stressors from men’s use of violence may continue to undermine mother–child relational recovery.

This short webinar will provide evidence-based knowledge and interventions that focus on supporting the recovery of the parent-child relationship. It is suitable for professionals working alongside mothers and children who are, or have, experienced domestic and family violence.

This short webinar will cover:

o Trauma and effects on empathy and attachment relationships

o Maladaptive parental coping strategies following domestic and family violence

o Implications for parent-child relationship

o Consequences for child development/behaviour

o Transference and projection by domestic and family violence victim-survivor towards children

o Brief description of research-based interventions and strategies to support the recovery of the parent-child relationship

There will be an opportunity for questions and answers.

Handouts and supporting literature will be provided at the end of the workshop.

Who should attend?

This workshop is for practitioners providing frontline services to victim-survivors in the domestic, family and sexual violence sector.


$10+small fee


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About the facilitator

Presented by: Stephanie Rei, Early Years Consultant, 360 Family Health

Stephanie has had a 30 year career in nutrition and community health and wellbeing in both WA and the UK. She spent 10 years facilitating birth preparation classes for expectant parents through their journey leading up to the birth of their child and the stages of post natal life with a new baby. For the past 15 years, Stephanie has worked for Ngala and Communicare in the areas of education and family support. She has facilitated many workshops on topics such as child development, family relationships, effects of trauma and impacts on brain development and attachment. Stephanie also runs her own consultancy business providing bespoke health and wellbeing workshops.


May 18 2022


9:30 am - 11:00 am

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