Stalking and intimate partner violence

About the workshop

This webinar will cover:

What stalking is and how to identify it

The relationship between domestic and family violence and stalking

The relationship between sexual violence and stalking

Lessons from a recent large-scale study of WA police records

Stalker violence risk factors

How to talk with targets of stalking

A screening tool that attendees can use in their daily work

Basics of case management

Who should attend?

For practitioners who work in the domestic, family and sexual violence sector


$11 (incl. GST)


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About the facilitator

Presented by Dr Lorraine Sheridan

Lorraine completed a PhD on the psychology of stalking. She is an adjunct Associate Professor in Psychology at Curtin University. Lorraine regularly provides advice and training on a range of forensic psychological topics to police and other agencies. Her knowledge of this area derives principally from 23 years of research and practice. Lorraine has co-edited five academic books and has published more than 80 articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals. She is recognised as a global expert on stalking.



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