Domestic and Family Violence Crisis Talks

The Premier’s attendance at our Domestic and Family Violence Crisis Talks today was a demonstration that the WA Labor Government is serious about addressing the scourge of domestic and family violence. The Government must take huge, brave measures to fully fund the range of supports that women, families and communities so desperately need. We need the Government to recognise the scale of investment required if we are going to address the violence and stop it from harming future generations.

 Along with the profound grief there was a deep sense of hope in the room today that there will be increased action and investment from the Government. It’s now well and truly time for more action in the areas of prevention, early intervention, crisis-response and recovery.

We sincerely believe that there was an acknowledgement from the Government today that more needs to be done.

Today we voiced our collective outrage and grief at the impacts of domestic and family violence. This is about the human right to live free from fear and our government’s responsibility to lead the way to a future where women and children are safe, respected and thriving.



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