Domestic, Family, and Sexual Violence Reader – Spring Edition 2022

The Centre for Women’s Safety and Wellbeing’s new Domestic, Family, and Sexual Violence Reader will be released on a seasonal basis to provide stakeholders with insight into current and emerging policy, practice, and research. This is one of a suite of resources and strategies to create and share knowledge and build collaborations to respond to domestic, family, and sexual violence.

The first edition of our reader focuses on sexual violence. It reflects on the national conversation on sexual violence which has taken place over the last two years, and governmental and institutional responses to address the need for systemic reform to sexual violence prevention and response.

The key themes in this edition include the current policy and legal context; the complex interplay between child sexual abuse, adult sexual assault, and domestic and family violence; and sexual violence in the mining industry and workplace.

The reader features Stories From the Field to spotlight the work being done by dedicated professionals in the domestic, family, and sexual violence sectors. In this edition, we speak with Nicole Lambert, CEO of Allambee Counselling.

Other useful resources on sexual violence, including CWSW publications, can be found in the Knowledge Centre.



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