CWSW 2021 Domestic and Family Violence Research Companion

The Centre for Women’s Safety and Wellbeing has recently published our 2021 Domestic and Family Violence Research Companion. The research companion is a collection of domestic and family violence related journal articles that were published from late 2020 and throughout 2021. The companion is based on the 2021 ANROWS Notepad Collection.

The companion aims to be a user-friendly resource that improves the accessibility of journal articles to support practitioners in the sector. The companion is divided into four sections – Open Access Australia; Open Access International; Paywall Australia; Paywall International. Articles in each section are thematically grouped into broad categories e.g., COVID-19; Pregnancy, parenting and children; Sexual violence; Technology.

For each article in the companion there is:

  • Article title
  • Full reference including DOI hyperlink. For some paywall articles there is also an additional link to another source where the article can be accessed for free.
  • Article abstract or summary

The research companion can be a useful resource for practitioners when reviewing existing or developing new programs, services and practices, grant writing, preparing presentations or to keep informed of emerging trends and research.

Other useful resources on domestic and family violence, including CWSW publications and research, can be found in the Knowledge Centre.



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